Columbia Assoctiaion: Scholarship

The Columbia Association has established a scholarship program whereby deserving children of regular members in good standing who have demonstrated academic ability and a commitment to community service may compete for cash scholarship awards.

Each year, if financially able, the organization will award three(3) scholarships to high school seniors or college students. In addition to academic achievement, the program will recognize students who have participated in community service programs, extra curricular activities including orchestra or band, athletics, clubs, or other service groups.

Current Scholarships Awards:

  • Outstanding Scholarship Award, for current high school graduates.
  • Scholarship Award, for current high school graduates
  • Philip J. Maddalena, Jr. Memorial Award, for high school seniors and current college students

All scholarship awards will be awarded directly to the scholar to be used for tuition, general fees, living expenses or any other costs of attending college. All awards are subject to the eligibility and application requirements set forth in our Scholarship documentation(PDF)(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).