Columbia Assoctiaion: Scholarship

The Columbia Association of U. S. Customs and Affiliated Federal Agencies is a charitable, fraternal, social, non-profit organization. Founded in 1946 at U.S. Customs in New York, the Columbia Association was originally open to all Customs and other federal employees of Italian descent.

In recent years, the Columbia Association has opened its rolls to any and all, regardless of ethnicity, who share in our purpose and objectives:

  • To encourage ties of friendship among members, those of Italian descent and other ethnicities
  • To perpetuate the ethnic, social and spiritual traditions of the Italian culture
  • To identify and assist those charitable groups and social service organizations that serve the Italian-American community
  • To offer fraternal and benevolent assistance to all its members, regardless of ethnic background

Membership offers a great opportunity to those of Italian descent and all others to share the tradition and ideals of their heritage, enjoy social interaction at various fraternal events, help those in need, and network with other members and those in the international trade community.

Download the Membership Form. To submit the form, fill it out using your computer and attach the file in an email to: .(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).